Ain’t no fun time without goofy side events to distract us. Foot Down, Trackstands, Skids, maybe even the return of the bunnyhop, we should also probably have a wheelie comp!

We’re also excited to introduce a refinement of the quick lock comp with a wild west/professional wrestling mashup. Stay tuned

Track Day/Bandit Cross
Start your weekend with a test of speed and endurance at Kissena. Kissena Velodrome is a historic landmark, designed and constructed in 1962 for the 1964 Olympics. That probably means it’ll never get bulldozed to put up something less bumpy in its place. Bring your 28s, we’re gonna have a blast either way.

Did you know that the Kissena Velodrome park was also home to cross races back in the day? Sign up for run what you brung and tracklocross bandit cross events with a dash of Paris-Roubaix.

Sprints will be a component of Track Day. Any safe bike is acceptable. Bag needed.

We’ve got parties in some of the city’s best reasonably-priced venues, familiar DJs and bands (because they’re always inviting you to their shows on fb), and an art show celebrating the peops who make good art.

Track Royalty
Curious about Track King and Queen? Aka the fixie famous omnium, this award will go to the best all around track bike riders. We will have a no bullshit formula ready by race time, listing all events and their weight in the calculation. A partial and temporary list:
Main Race- USAC style points awarded for top ten track bikes
Velodrome- Points for winner of each race
Tracklocross/Track Sprints/Skids/Backwards Circle/Trackstand/?- Points per event won