This race replicates a day of messenger work.
This is it. Take your toughest day of work ever- how does it measure up against everyone else’s? Mistakes cost you time and money, energy levels flag, and the work keeps piling. It was probably a heat wave or ice pellets or St Patrick’s Day too. Remember how fun that was? Sign up for it voluntarily right here to see who can handle the worst the best.
Riders must pickup and deliver items as quickly and efficiently as possible on a designated course. Multiple manifests, course decision making, and package value consideration make for a mentally and physically demanding event. It’s going to be stimulating and tough, with surprising challenges but rest assured we are designing a level playing field- tricks are for rabbits, not an event you’ve been looking forward to all year.
Saturday will be qualifier heats and the top riders will advance- expect that to be 60-100 depending on participation and course.

Cargo Race
So many cargo bikes these days. We’re finally carving out the time slot for a big ole cargo bike throwdown. Saturday will be cargo bike qualifiers, sunday will be cargo main race. We guarantee no Cycle Courier Main Race conflict so you can have your cake and put it on your back too.